Gut Scrapers

Album Title: 
Gimme Your Soul
Release Date: 
Thursday, December 20, 2012
Review Type: 

Gut Scrapers, a band that hails from Nimes, France. This five membered band delivers an energetic Rock'n roll that can best be compared to other bands such as: Ac/Dc, Aerosmith as well as artists such as Slash. These French rockers who are at it for some time do love to keep a low profile as the have a very limited English biography, but a very long French one.

Anyway, the band knows how to make good solid rock, but in my opinion don’t know how to spice things up and keep it interesting. Witch made it rather difficult to listen to the entire record. But fair is fair, it has various riffs on it that do sound pretty awesome, so maybe a next record will be promising.