Album Reviews

Wed, 29 April 2015

  • Abysmal Growls Of Despair
    Dark Days
  • Ahamkara
    The Embers Of The Stars
  • Cryostasium
  • Deepshow
    The Spleen King
  • Deprive
    Into oblivion
  • Devouring Star
    Through Lung And Heart
  • Dwell
    Vermin And Ashes
  • Eden’s Curse
    Live With The Curse
  • Entrench
    Violent Procreation
  • Ethir Anduin
    I Magen Av Svart Kaos
  • Gurthang
    I Will Not Serve
  • Monox
    Perception Changes
  • Nienör
  • North Black
    Filosofi Svart Skog
  • Poezd Rodina
    Belaya Dal’
  • Rage In Silence
    Doomsday Butchery
  • The Infrared Experience
    The Dirty Drones Of...
  • Walk Through Fire
    Hope Is Misery