Leaf Hound

Live albums are not something I typically go for. Of course there are exceptions. With a live CD, it has to be quite something special in my opinion. Unfortunately, this live recording does not offer anything that you can’t get from listening to their studio albums Growers of mushroom (their must-have debut) and their follow up Unleashed.


Although the math stoner rock influenced wave, especially the French, that has been growing lately does not particularly interest me, because lack of originality, this band does show some skill on this CD enough to keep me focussed on, as 8 songs flow reasonably well. Plenty of catchy riffs, well done groove sections and angry, but not particularly interesting, vocals thrown in for the Mastodon, Torche and Baroness sludge feel. It's not the most varied or demanding style, but these guys rip it up with power and conviction.


It's hard to believe we've gone nearly six years without a new Bigelf album. Sadly, this isn't the album I was hoping for.

Sea of Bones

The noises emanating from the trio’s collective subconscious can best be described as atmospheric doom metal , but there are sludge, drone and even psych elements in the gloomy depths of their The Earth Wants Us Dead-material. The six tracks making up this double cd comprise heavily distorted drone guitar and punching drums over screamed vox, particular on the standout tracks “The stone the slave and the architect” and “Failure of light””.

Blackwitch Pudding

Blackwitch Pudding’s debut cd has been out for some time already but only now has found its way to our reviews. If you like the sound of one song on this 7 track cd you're bound to like them all. This band is slave to the distorted monstrous claustrophobic riff and guitars buzz in an emphatic low-tuned blur, surprisingly reliable groovy drumming, brief bursts of speed, mid-tempo marches and a narcotic-dazed delirium pervading the slower passages.


If you like down to earth, raw kick-ass metal that sounds best played live at your local titties bar, then this is right up your crotch. The high energy of Knuckle Duster that may not be big on originality is cool, infectious, raunchy and bang your head that doesn’t bang in every other way.

For fans of: Motörhead, Motörhead, Motörhead and yes Tank and Venom too.


The Virus Conspires hit the decks with full on angry US (Death Angel, Exodus, Heathen, Forbidden) and German (Kreator, Destruction , Tankard) sounding-like thrash metal like “Kingdome come”, “Titan” and “Pseudocommando” with exceptional guitar solos, pounding drums and a Petrozza-like growl bite that hurts for days. Such songs as “22” and “Red Terror” to name but a few explore the passion, blood and sweat that is spread throughout the CD.


Heavy hardcore noise-punk a la Unsane, Buzz-oven, Hammerhead and Jesus Lizard, from this French duo on this 10-song outing, as the majority of the music by Carne lies buried under a powerful onslaught of gritty vocals and a treacherous stomp of beats.

Birth of Joy

I remember when I received the first album from this Dutch band a few years ago, their bluesy organ rock was a bit too average for my taste, although it was obvious that they had the technical skills to reach a better level.


Here's an interesting one. Widows is a UK (Nottingham) band whose sound is much akin to older Clutch, Trucker Diablo, Throttlerod, Down and a dirtier Orange Goblin.


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