When the Deadbolt Breaks

Double albums are always quite bold steps to take. Automatically it is a long time to hold your audience's imagination for, something that is difficult enough at the best of times. Connectinut long running doom/post rock outfit When the Deadbolt Breaks have worked hard over the years to dish out some of the most bastard massive distortion, glacially paced downtuned sludge concoctions that has surfaced this doomed planet. It is dirty, ruthless and sometimes unbearable to listen to.

Primeval Realm

Primeval Realm sit firmly in the classic school of doom metal, but what more can I say? Primordial Light ain't a bad seven tracks of music, it's nicely played, quite well produced but ultimately lacks being special. While this 40-minute CD displays the members' talents, it also leaves me to wonder what more they can do to expand on the sound they're slowly developing.


While Days of the Fallen Sun certainly ain’t heavy material, it will appeal to a great many of our fraternity. The music is ethereal, beautiful, delicate, spiritual, but at the same time melancholy. It is dramatic and powerful in a subtle way. Emotional intensity does not always equal speed and volume. If you're in a bouncy, moshing round kind of mood this is not a good album. After a few more listens, I did begin to appreciate this album, if not really like it.

Grand Magus

Grand Magus from Sweden have been around for quite a bunch of albums now, to be exact, Triumph and Power is their sixth outing. There's been a few albums that have been hailed as the bridge between Manowar and Priest, and I would say that their latest is another good attempt to do just that. So although the band's sound has its roots in heavy metal from the late 70s/early 80s, Grand Magus is an updated, modern and entirely crushing groove experience. The production by Nico Elgstrand


Known mainly as the founder of superb doomsters Orodruin and now defunct black metallers Crucifist, John Gallo has many alter egos and exciting musical incarnations though Blizaro is certainly the most adventurous and unpredictable of all.


Something of a surprise from one half German/the other half Turkish duo , Mantar mix some notable ferociousness of their own into the typical formula. The sound of Death by Burning is not too far from the usual standards as far as songwriting goes, but the venomous vocals and vicious dark attitude add a genuine touch to the music, being sometimes reminiscent of Melvins, Darkthrone, Amebix, Motorhead and Frost with a similar rough quality.

Bone Man

Bone Man from Kiel, Germany have an interesting, rather original and distinct sound. Especially the first few minutes raise high expectations as “Dead weight” with fantastic guitarwork and the psychedelic floating “Closer to the sun” in particular are quite memorable..What I like about this album is the way Los Natas/ Colour Haze-like guitar parts are blended with earpleasing indie, even grungy rocking parts.

Wheel of Smoke

A couple of years ago, I gave the band’s debut In Sense a big thumbs up, primarly for the way they managed to bring so many different influences together for a veritable progressive rock smorgasbord. Everything from Opeth, King Crimson, Agalloch, Ozric Tentacles and Comus. 


Kingdomes of Rust is a fairly good debut album where prog, symphonic, power and heavy metal and electronic ambient passages flow into each other, effortlessly it seems. The vocals could have been much better, especially the Italian accent is scary, Of the more prog metal tunes “Waxhopes” definitely sticks out, with some blowing guitarsolos and some great harmonic bass tapping. But in the end the 12 tracks stretch unimpressive musical ideas far too thin, and the instrumental sections never build into anything really exciting building a real kingdom of rust.


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