Iron Dogs

Let me start with saying that “Iron Dogs” is one of my absolute favourite songs and that Exciter’s Heavy Metal Maniac is one of my favourite albums of all time. I still become amazed when I listen to it. Every song on this record is a fucking whiplash.

Demon Eye

Perhaps the best way to describe the sound of Demon Eye is to imagine early Pentagram if they were heavily Purple influenced. If you can imagine that sound, and if you think you'd like it, then this bunch of demons might be right up your alley. It's pure vintage doom rock with no frills, no edgy alternative angles and no apologies.

Serpent Omega

Essentially what you get with Serpent Omega is another entry into the world of sludge/doom/stoner metal that is already populated by the likes of Kylesa, Hull, Entombed, Lair of the Minotaur, Negative Reaction and even Pantera. While fanatics of that particular little niche might be the ones to get the biggest kick out of Serpent Omega, the overall unoriginality of the album is very unfelling.

Spiritual Beggars

The band’s acclaimed and hard-to-find debut album, the self-titled Spiritual Beggars from 1994 is re-issued with over 70 minutes of unreleased bonus material as 2 CD of 3 album via Century Media Records. Spiritual Beggars is the blueprint for Spiritual Beggars’ future albums for years to come although it does not reach the perfection of some of those (Ad Astra is my fave), but still this is a worthwhile re-issue of a near-perfect slice of stoner rock debut by a young fresh band, composed of very talented players (


As the title of this US band implies, Strangelight are more than a little familiar with Ian McKaye’s Fugazi, I guess they spin at home quite some discs by Lungfish, Angst, Killdozer, Butthole Surfers, Naked Raygun, Jawbox, …as that's what they most closely resemble. The result is sometimes pretty interesting but here is one thing that bothers me. There are the vocals which annoy me, I wish they were more expressive, but this clear nasal tone has bored me to death.


Anaal Natrakh, Burzum, Darkthrone, Satyricon, and some other Norwegian black metal come into my mind when I listen to the songs of Unravel, at times very hymnic and melodic, then icy cold and fast, combined with the bone-dry production sounding basic as Gehenna does without any detours. Yet this album has one big flaw for my ears, yes, again, the vocals which destroys much of any upcoming atmosphere.


As 2013 is coming to an end I realized that I have left some of the better albums of the year un- reviewed. The Argentinean Dragonauta is perhaps the most notable. Dragonauta have been roaming the scene for 15 years now and ever since their beginnings I have been a big fan and for just as many years they are one of those bands that never even remotely received the recognition that they more than would deserve for their releases. There’s something to be said about a band that have been around for so long and are still kicking.

30.000 Monkies

I think it’s time fans of sludge and noise core discover the Beringen, Belgian outfit 30 000 Monkies. Their second EP contains four pieces, each one containing its fair share of noise, disoriented and frightened passages. However, the songs “Czarring”, “Imperial Staches”, “Amazones” and the longest 13-min “Battering” don’t go through a variety of tempo and style changes, 30 000 Monkies does an excellent job of building and maintaining a suffocating atmosphere ending on the darkest possible note.


Sumosluts is yet another one of those Gerrman stoner rockbands that is neither great nor terrible. Sumosluts does very little in this 9 song album to convince anyone that they're going to be phenomenal in any regard. The songs lack a real dynamic push to really keep things moving along in a meaningful fashion.


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