Crossed Fire

I have in front of me a 5 song-CD that follows in the tradition of Alabama Thunder Pussy, Down, Crowbar and some Metallica added with just enough originality thrown in to make it interesting. The record is an assorted musical melding pot with ample amounts of hard-, southern- and 70’s rock and chugging metal all rolled into one.


I have sat on this review for some time. Trouble was a long time favorite band of mine (unbelievable gigs at Dynamo Café, Dynamo Open Air and Lido), so I did not want to rush to severe judgement, writing a review without giving the new album enough time. Well, I've had enough time, and I have determined that the best days of the Trouble guys from Chicago are clearly over. Compared to the material that the band has written in the past, this material just isn't in the same bullseye league in terms of quality.

Space Invaders

Invasion On Planet 2 is simply a wonderful excursion through the musical space occupied by Space Invaders. The CD is an intricate journey and this German five some have enough panache and flair of their own to leave a lasting impression.

Fred Colombo

This is real shit. The promo sheet reports Memoria as a pop album with touches of electronic, ambient, dance, house, fusion and metal. I suppose that there's a specific demographic that will swallow this whole and think it fine cuisine but the rest of us would be well advised to leave this release on the store shelves.


No remorse and no regret is carved in the minds of all those taking part of the extreme metal ways of impressive US gore death outfit Exhumed. All of the elements that made Exhumed previous outings such a noxious joy are present and encountered for.


The Tool meets Baroness meets Converge meets Gojira meets Every Time I Die- songwriting is strong and very aggressive and the band focuses entirely on just making down to earth music. Also, depending on your taste, the vocal tone can grow a bit tiresome after a while.

Death Trip

If you can imagine a space punk band, all of whose members were suffering from schizophrenia, then that is something like what Death Trip sound like on the demented Pain Is Pain, which collects 3 singles from the period 1988-1994 and some demo material.

Arkhamin Kirjasto

Arkhamin Kirjasto latest 3-track 7” EP is worth checking out, but not really a life and death purchase. Not now, but who knows what the future hold? Unholy Priest of Holy Trinity of Death (full title)is an assorted musical melding pot with ample amounts of old school death metal, groove rock and chugging metal all rolled into one. Nothing presented here is bad by any means, it just lacks the singular identity to stand on his own.

Ape Skull

The style is very much based on late 1960s-early 1970s music, primarily bluesy and psych rock. However Ape Skull inject that particular sound with a healthy dose of adrenaline as they deliver all the soul and fire that was good about this type of music and they thrust it out there with pure grit and surging grooves This is down and dirty bluesy rock music with an edge and plenty of heart and it sounds like the band is having a good time. The first track ”Lazy” reminds me a little of Cream and vocally as well.


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