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Since their reunion in 2005, Foreigner has become a very successful unit again, despite only founder Mick Jones remained from the legendary line-up. However with Kelly Hansen he has found not only someone who could match the warm timbre of Lou Gramm but also improve and add his own identity to the vocals of the many classic songs the band has produced in their 40 years of existence. Of course many best of albums have passed the revue but this time a live registration with mainly the ballads was a first.

Ian James Stewart

Ian Stewart is a guitarist, songwriter, singer and producer, best known for his work with Strangeways. With them he was responsible for ‘Native Sons’ and ‘Walk In The Fire’, which are both classic albums in the AOR genre. However don’t expect anything similar on this solo album which he describes as ‘rock music for grown-ups’.

Deep Purple

With largely 250.000 sold copies, four # 1 and seventeen top ten chart listings, and a new world tour in the pipeline, 2013 was one of the most successful and exciting years in the history of Deep Purple. The release in April of this year of ‘Now What?!’ has been regarded by both fans and critics as one of the best albums in the career of this legendary band. On top of that there’s now a special edition of this album with a live bonus disc. Titled ‘The Now What?!


Article is a Greek band formed in 2002 by Mike Dimareli as an instrumental neo-classical metal project. But with their third album ‘Illusion X’ they have transformed into a vocal power metal band with the legendary Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring of Fire, Royal Hunt) on vocals. Dimareli’s talent is widespread with not only all mind-blowing guitar parts but tight and powerful drum grooves as well. Still this album is not a showcase of individual craftsmanship but a true band where the songs are the centerpiece.


Formed in the mid-nineties, Los Angeles based Buckcherry burst into the scene in 1999 with a eponymous debut album that eventually reached gold. Their raw straight forward and honest sound was created by mixing punk, grunge and rock ‘n roll but without overthinking everything too much. From the beginning founding members Josh Todd (vocals) and Keith Nelson (guitar) were the creative force that led to hit singles such as the immortal party anthem ‘Lit Up’ and ‘For the Movies’.


Beginning this year Christian rockers Stryper signed a deal with Frontiers Records which resulted already in the release of ‘Second Coming’, an album with fourteen classic songs re-recorded plus two new songs. Now with ‘No More Hell To Pay’ they present a brand new original studio album and again with the original line-up of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums).

Place Vendome

Since a few years Michael Kiske decided to switch his interest from the metal scene to be part of the melodic rock scene. That resulted in two band projects so far, Unisonic, and Place Vendome. Now with the latter he released his third album, ‘Thunder In The Distance’.

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Vol II

The musical concept of ‘Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’ putting well-known hits from Abba, Roxette and Ace of Base in a metal jacket proved to be very successful. The album reached several chart positions in homeland Sweden and Japan and was followed by a successful tour. Now 2 years later and to heavy public demand  there has been a successor.

Seventh Key

Together with Streets bandmate Mike Slamer, Kansas bass player Billy Greer formed Seventh Key in 2001. They released two critically acclaimed albums, the self-titled debut in 2001 and ‘The Raging Fire’ in 2004, followed by the live cd/dvd ‘Live In Atlanta’ in 2005. Now 8 years later they finally released the long awaited follow up and it’s again a fine piece of work. Musically however there are no big surprises.

Until Rain

Formed back in 2004, Greece progressive metal band Until Rain released their debut ‘The Reign of Dreams’ in 2009 quickly followed by the EP ‘Pandemic”. Now 4 years later their second album ‘Anthem To Creation’ has seen the light of day. The eleven tracks presented here are characterized with a very complex and experimental structure consequently resulting in multiple spins to get customized. Obviously these guys are very talented and creative musicians and like to show this to the world.


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