Gianni De Lobelle.

Arch Enemy

Michael Amott – Guitar

Daniel Erlandsson – Drums

Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass

Nick Cordle – Guitar

Alissa White-Gluz – Vocals


Many fans were shocked with the announcement that long- time frontwoman ‘Angela Gossow’ would quit the band. But ‘Alissa White- Gluz’ is definetly a good replacement as wel as front- woman and vocalist, she has it all.

Diablo Blvd

Tracklist:  1  Beyond the Veil

                  2  Get up 9

                  3  Follow the Deadlights

                  4  Son of Cain

                  5  We are Legion

                  6  Fear is for the Enemy

                  7  Peace won by War

                  8  End of Time

                  9  Rise like Lions

                 10 Inhuman 


The Swedish band ‘Avatar’ debuted eight years ago with ‘Thoughts Of No Tomorrow’. They had influences by bands such as: ‘At The Gates’, ‘In Flames’, ‘Rammstein’,… they were a great inspiration for the band but with their previous release ‘Black Waltz’ they had found their own way.


Line up:

Jan Anders “Longbeard” Boen – Lead Vocals, Lars Stian “Too Late” Havraas – Bass, John Petter “No Thanks” Pershaug – Guitars, Geir Arne “The Cannon” Dale – Drums, Vidar “Maniac” Svanheld – Guitars




Vocals: Keely Larreina

Guitars: Rex Zeco

Guitars: Nei Gray

Bass: Steven Steele

Keyboards: Ed Scarlatti

Nightqueen is a symphonic metal band from Genk (Belgium) and they’ve come out with their second album ‘rEVOLUTION’.


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