Gino De Lobelle.


Line up :

Olof Wikstrand – Vocals / Guitars

Jonas Wikstrand - Drums

Joseph Tholl - Guitars

Tobias Lindkvist - Bass


Hailing from Arvika, Sweden, Enforcer play a brand of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with an injection of punk. Founded in 2004, Enforcer describe themselves as being devotees of “real metal”. They've since gathered four albums under their belt, with their new album 'From Beyond' continuing down the path created by 2013's 'Death By Fire'.


Wolfpakk's 'Rise Of The Animal'  enjoyable slice of classic Metal. Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney have again partnered up to bring more Metal mayhem to the masses via their third chapter of their allstar project.

Where else can you find Don Dokken, Michael Kiske, David Reese, Joe Lynn Turner and Marc Storace all singing on the same album? Where else can one hope to find Jeff Watson, Bernie Tormé, John Norum, Doug Aldrich and Axel Rudi Pell throwing down guitar tracks on the same disc?

Jaded Heart

Line up :

Johan Fahlberg - Vocals

Peter Östros - Guitars

Masahiro Eto - Guitars

Michael Müller- Bass

Bodo Stricker - Drums

‘Jaded Hear’t represent top class melodic hard rock and have become a German rock institution since the band came into existence 22 years ago. Based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Jaded Heart have turned into a ‘German-Swedish formation’ since 2005 with singer ‘Johan Fahlberg’ and 2006 with guitarist’ Peter Oestros’ emphasizing the band’s international standing.

Kissin Dynamite

Line up :


Hannes Braun – Vocals

Jim Müller – Guitars

Ande Braun – Guitars

Steffen Haile – Bass

Andreas Schnitzer - Drums

This quintet hails from the southern parts of Germany and is celebrating the release of their fourth studio album.  Sometimes that information is all you need to know as the music doesn’t conjure orgasms or even the slightest emotional response. 


Wolf Hoffmann | Guitar

Peter Baltes | Bass

Mark Tornillo | Vocals

Herman Frank | Guitar

Stefan Schwarzmann | Drums


Fans of the band will know what to expect from ‘Blind Rage’ but for those of you who are still unfamiliar, I need only say two words ‘HEAVY METAL’!


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