Gino De Lobelle.

Scar For Life

Line up :

Rob Mancini – Vocals

Alexandre Santos – Guitars

Teen Asty – Bass

Special guest : Vinnie Appice - Drums

The band revolves around founder and guitarist Alexandre Santos, who has worked with bevy of different musicians over the last six years or so. Worlds Entwined is the latest and features new vocalist Rob Mancini (Hotwire, Crush).

Crucified Barbara


Mia Coldheart – Vocals/Guitar

Klara Force - Guitar

Ida Evileye - Bass

Nicky Wicked - Drums

The Swedish ladies from ‘Crucified Barbara’ are together since 1998. Until 2003 they were with 5 band members, but after they began to play with 4 instead of 5 the ball began to roll with their 4th album ‘In The Red’.

Astral Doors

Line up :

Nils Patrik Johansson - Vocals

Joachim Nordlund - Guitars

Ulf Lagerström - Bass

Johan Lindstedt - Drums

Jocke Roberg - Keyboard

The seventh album in 12 years, you can call that productive allright. The band was formed in 2002 by the Swedish drummer ‘Johan Lindstedt’ and singer ‘Nils Patrik Johansson’.


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