Nick Tronckoe.

Alkaline Trio

The band that will never make the same record twice are the Chicago-based punk legends Alkaline Trio. They have been around since 1996 and after having released eight full length studio albums, they're back with number nine, called My Shame Is True.


For those who shouldn't know, AYS stands for Against Your Society and with the release of their new mini-album Suburban Haze, it's quite clear that they really take society by storm.

The Tossers

Just before 2013's Saint Patrick's day, the most important Irish holiday, The Tossers step forward with the release of their eight studio album, The Emerald City, referring to their hometown, Chicago. It's no doubt that they both love their roots in Ireland and their current home. They're very clear about that as the fifth song on the record is simply called USA and immediately after that, we have the track simply called Saint Patrick's Day.

Jungle Rot

Founders of the death metal scene in the beginning of the 1990's, Jungle Rot from the USA just released their eight full-length through Victory Records, called Terror Regime. Terror Regime sounds like it takes you through a cruel horror movie as if it's a roller coaster ride through a butcher's house. The quality songwriting of Jungle Rot proves to be the key to the death metal lock once again. Every song stands on its own and is a real banger.

As They Burn

Hailing from the city of love and light, Paris, As They Burn are the newest sensation in the deathcore genre. Think of a mixture of the fury of Emmure and the heaviness of country mates Gojira and you'll end up with As They Burn.

Title Fight

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has always been the breeding ground for many hardcore punk bands. Just think of Cold World, Stick Together, Dead End Path and many others. After some European tours, an American tour supporting Rise Against and countless shows across the American nation, Title Fight released their third full-length, called Floral Green.

Bullet For My Valentine

The release of The Poison nearly 10 years ago, meant the big break-through for Welsh metalband Bullet For My Valentine. In some way, they managed to reinvent the heavy metal genre and they actually started the NWOBHM (=New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). They had everything to make it for a big audience: tight clean vocals, shredding screams and of course, they mastered their instruments extremely well. In the years that followed, they became immensely popular all over the world.


Crowbar are considered to be the real inventors of the 'doom-core' genre, combining the heaviness of doom metal and the breakdowns of hardcore. Their first release back in 1992, Obedience Thru Suffering, set the tone for a whole new range of bands to arise from the depths of metal and hardcore. The album was an inspiration for many people to pick up an instrument and start making heavy music without following any rules. The record has been out of print since 1994, but now, the band re-released their debut masterpiece.


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