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Pipes And Pints

Although all the band members in celtic punk band Pipes And Pints look like tough guys, they still know how to include the beautiful sound of the bagpipes in their music. You might think that they are from Scotland, but actually, they are from the beautiful city of Prague. Found And Lost is their second full-length. Their first one, Until We Die, was released through the European label Wolverine Records, but already it got released overseas in the USA and even South America.


The United Kingdom has brought forth lots of new hardcore and metal blood over the past few years. Just think of bands such as Your Demise, While She Sleeps, Brutality Will Prevail, Last Witness, Desolated, ... Although the guys in Continents look like the perfect sons-in-law, they play the hardest music possible.

Fall City Fall

The first impression when I started listening to the first song, St. James, was that I was dealing with a new song by the British hardcore band More Than Life. But after a few minutes, I realized that I was dealing with a new American hardcore band. To reveal its identity: I'm talking about Fall City Fall from California, USA. They've just released their first full-length through Victory Records, called Victus.


Back in the days, when Ozzfest was still on the road in the USA, one Sharon Osbourne witnessed a great band play one of the stages. That band was Otep. They signed to Victory Records in 2009 and immediately became the 'strangest' band on the label, as it's just impossible to put them in a box. The band you can compare them to the best is Deftones in my opinion, but much heavier.


Hailing from the Ruhrpott hardcore scene, Fallbrawl is one top of its game with the release of its new record, called Pure Mayhem. The album title says it all as it's a real hardcore pounding which you have to endure for nearly half an hour. The band can easily be compared to label mates Nasty. No surprise actually, as the singer of Nasty joins the band on the song Restless.

Red Eyes

Amsterdam is all about Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. It's known for its prostitutes (=sex), it's famous coffee shops (=drugs) and Red Eyes is there to add the rock 'n' roll aspect.

The Green River Burial

When people are asked to put The Green Rival Burial in a specific genre, many call them a beatdown band. After having listened to these Germans' first full-length, Seperate & Coalesce, this isn't the box I should put them in, at all. Most of the time, they sound like a technical and melodic hardcore band and at times, you can even hear parts that make me think of the Boston band The Carrier.


The main reason why no one outside of Germany has heard of the band 9MM is quite simple: all their songs are in German. Don't let this scare you, because bandleader Rock Rotten and his crew bring these songs in such a way, that the songs just keep sticking to your mind, without even understanding all the lyrics.

Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake from Gainesville, Florida are already well-known in the punk rock country. The band is already around since 1992 and twenty years later, they must have thought it was about time to release something special. Greetings And Salutations is the present they put together for their fans. The record includes twelve tracks in total. The five songs of Greetings From Less Than Jake and five songs from the EP Seasons Greetings From Less Than Jake.


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