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The Meteors

2013 will be, without any doubt, the year of Quentin Tarantino's new masterpiece, Django Unchained. One of his previous works of art to be seen on the big screen was Kill Bill. What does this all have to do with the new The Meteors, you could ask yourself now?

High Hopes

The United Kingdom has been on top of its game the last months when it comes to delivering great metalcore music. Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Last Witness are just a tip of the iceberg. High Hopes is the newest upcoming act to put in that bucket. They hail from Hampshire England and released a self-titled 5-track EP.


Carry-All is a ska punk band from Italy. They have already been around since 2002, but they are pretty unknown outside of their own country. A few weeks ago, they released their new record, Drink It Yourself. This was a DIY project which went together with the unfortunate event of the departure of both the original drummer and bass player of the band. They didn't let this letdown get to them and recorded Drink It Yourself in their practice room and produced it themselves.

All Time Low

All Time Low has always known many opponents, but even more fans. Throughout the years, the band has made a huge name for themselves and played many great tours and festivals. Here in Belgium, they've already played all major festivals such as Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter, but they also still play the real punk festivals such as the Warped Tour in the USA and Groezrock in Belgium.


Years after years, Roadrunner Records' leading hardcore act was Hatebreed. They released groundbreaking records under the name of Roadrunner, but with the release of their new album, The Divinity Of Purpose, the collaboration came to an end. The new Hatebreed is released worldwide through the European label Nuclear Blast, home of many big metal acts.

The Peacocks

The Peacocks is a rockabilly band from Switzerland. The country doesn't have lots of punk bands to offer, but The Peacocks definitely is the most remarkable one. They don't make very difficult technical songs, the only thing that really matters for them is to play it loud.


Boston act Converge have always been considered as one of the most inspiring, intense, important and influential metal/hardcore bands of all time and that's something the band proves once again on their new full length, called All We Love We Leave Behind.

Breed Of Burden

From London hails a new metal band which can already be seen as a new NWOBHM band. We're talking about Breed Of Burden who have released their very first full length, called The World Is Sick.

Mad Sin

Mad Sin has been a benchmark for years in the punk rock scene, 25 years to be exactly. Well, not really in the punk rock scene, but rather in a subgenre, called psychobilly. Because of this 25th anniversary, a big birthday present was created as in a brand new live cd and dvd, called 25 Years-Still Mad. The entire thingy was recorded in their hometown Berlin.

The Shins

The Shins really wanted to start with a clean sheet again before releasing new music. Therefore, singer and guitar player James Mercer kicked out all band members and replaced them with some fresh blood. Such a thing could go in two directions of course: or it would be a huge success for The Shins, or it would be a huge disappointment again, which could lead to the hiatus of The Shins.


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