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You'll remember that our editor-in-chief brought home three promos from his recent trip to Japan? Well, with the promo of Gunship666's second full-length album, we'll be taking you into somewhat different realms of the guitar-oriented music scene, because where the music of Aggressive Dogs (see review posted earlier) was situated comfortably within the Metallic Hardcore aura, we now have to do with a Tokyo based Heavy Metal band! Granted, the vocal approach gives the band a Crossover colouring, but let's not quarrel about details, shall we!?

Damn Your Idols

Aha...the return of a Belgian band which, in 2008, brought great expectations by releasing its self-titled debut full-length through the Apache Productions imprint, and then went on to play at the prestigious Graspop Metal Meeting festival, prior to suddenly splitting in 2009, and thus effectively crushing any anticipations of putting our country on the global Metal maps (and charts) with a band which could cut the chops!

Aggressive Dogs

Returning from a promotional trip with Channel Zero (of which he is co-manager) to Japan, our editor-in-chief came back with a threesome of promos for upcoming releases by the bands Gunship666, Loka (check back on a later date for posts on those albums), and Aggressive Dogs, and it so happens that the latter marks the return to the realm of releases for a true Japanese Hardcore legend!

Judas Priest

6 years after their previous studio album, the 2008 double-disc conceptual Nostradamus (which we at ConcreteWeb never got to review), Judas Priest is finally back with a new studio recording! In the meantime, the band not only did a couple of world tours, but also took some very dire decisions!

Steel Prophet

With a history goin' back to 1983 and more line-up changes than one can count on the digits of hands and feet together, it would take me too long to go into this Los Angeles, California based Progressive Power Metal band's career with any degree of I'll keep things short and synthesized to the strict minimum, this time around. Suffice it, to start proceedings, that Omniscient is the first studio album the band releases in 10 years!


This Portland, Oregon based Heavy Metal band was founded in early 2009 with the intent to continue the legacy of such Pacific Northwest heavy Metal acts as Malice, Metal Church, early Queensrÿche and Sanctuary, and although that is still quite young, the quintet is already at its third release!


Goodness...this takes me back some over a decade, to my reviewing of the Topeka, Kansas based Technical Death Metal act's sophomore album Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, released through Relapse Records in June of 2002! Regretfully, that review is now no longer available, as due to the 2005 computer crash at ConcreteWeb headquarters, all of the site's material prior to that date is gone.


Vinyl lovers rejoice...for Indie Recordings is re-issuing Warduna's debut album (originally released by the band in 2009, with the label release happening in 2012) on your beloved music carrier! For those unfamiliar with this Norwegian Dark Folk act, a short background.

Until September

This German Metalcore sextet from the small village of Kevelaer (situated near the Dutch border, at about 25 km North of Venlo) was founded in September 2009 by singers Maik Krause and Christopher Küppers, guitarists Boris Smolorz and Jos Ingenpass, bassist Johannes van Berlo and drummer Thorsten Schad, and so prolific and well in-tune with each other were the youngsters, that by Spring 2010 they already self-released their debut EP My Last Seconds.

Scars Divide

Although this Vevey based Swiss band was founded only in 2013, at least some of its separate members have been active in their home country's music scene for quite a while, even been in well-known bands...dixit the info sheet we got along with the download promo of this 6-track EP.


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