Tony Holemans.

Satan's Satyrs

With a review for the re-issue (through Bad Omen) of this band's 2013 debut album Wild Beyond Belief having been posted but very recently (27/04/2014), I don't feel inclined to repeat Satan's Satyrs's history all over again, so I'll direct you to that posting for your inquisitive demands, okay?

Pray For Locust

Formed in Stockholm during 2009, this Metalcore quintet's line-up (sporting lead singer Tintin Anderson, guitarists Jerry Engström and Stefan Schyberg, bassist Kvasi and drummer Simon Corner) apparently remained unchanged throughout its short but already (relatively) successful history.


As far as I can gather, This Haarlem based Dutch Melodic Hardcore Punk band was founded in July of 2010, and following several increasingly popular shows released their debut single Gunshow some year and a half ago.

October File

Every once in a while even your more experienced reviewer, no matter how varied his musical preference or how extensive (s)he collects music outside those albums (s)he comes across in (her/his) journalistic career, will come across some long-existing band (s)he never heard of. the “long-existing” thing is relative...but the guys have nevertheless already put their mark on the UK's scene!

October Falls

Formed in 2001, Finland's October Falls was originally a solo vehicle for Mikko Lehto. Drawn by nature's mysticism, his compositions were to be seen like sonic explorations of the Earth during his walks through the woods.

Eyes 'n' Lips

At the basis of this Milano based Italian Glam Rock/ Metal act are guitarist Gypsy (real name Luca, family name untraced) and drummer Vik (real name Vittorio, family name unknown to yours truly), who meet each other by chance in February of 2009. Due to their common musical passion for LA-style Hard Rock, the twosome decides to start a band under the monicker of Snipers, recruiting additional members among their friends and acquaintances.


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