Tony Holemans.

Bob Wayne

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest of the US (Seattle, to be precise), Bob Wayne hit the road as a youngster selling t-shirts for Zeke, and having tasted of life on tour he next became guitar tech for Hank III. Touring with that band he became more and more infatuated with Country Music, and when one day the band arrived in Nashville...which still passes for the World's Capitol of Country Music, he decided to take some roots there.

Avery Sunshine

Sometimes I dó wonder why our editor-in-chief downloads certain things for review! Sure, he's a much-occupied man, and downloading is a chore which comes atop of his daytime job and the other duties entailed with part-time band managing. But occasionally he shoùld check the enclosed info sheet which comes with the downloads! So, what he would've learned right-off, is that singer-songwriter/ pianist Avery Sunshine makes feel-good music with a Gospel-fed, thunderous voice!


This North-Italian outfit was started as a side-project by Vicolo Inferno bassist Il Daz. His intent was to invite befriended musicians (and anyone else wanting and willing to express his/ her inspirations) to come jam on stage with him and drummer Moretti Butcher. A first gig however resulted in these two main characters falling into a heated argument, to the point of the two eventually breaking apart.


Although having been founded as far back as 1998, this Trondheim based Norwegian Melodic Black Metal act is only at its 3rd full-length, due to an hiatus taken between 2004 and 2007. That hiatus was due to two members (session singer Thebon and drummer Vegard 'Vyl' Larsen taking priority time with their other band, Keep Of Kalessin.

We Are the Damned

Three years ago, the then recent addition to the ConcreteWeb family, Jeroen, reviewed this Portuguese band's third full-length album Holy Beast, not caring much for the fact, he kinda dragged it through the mud some! I'm afraid he didn't quite understand where the band comes from, and what their intentions were, or he might at least have understood what he'd been listening to, and not just slag the band down because of personal musical tastes.


Bit of a weird one, this "re-issue". You see, in the info that comes with the download promo, there's no mention at all of a release date, and an extensive search on the internet failed to give me any info on that current date.


As an idea in the back of One's mind, the Swedish “Black Metal” act Vanhelga has been in existence at least since 2001, but the nihilistic hateful thoughts behind it have been the core life teachings of One, also known as 145188 (in real life as J. Ottosson), whom as a child looked around at all the domesticated people with their meaningless lifestyles around him... and decided that society was no place for him, and from there that life itself, as lived by so many around him, was no place for him.

Being As An Ocean

Although San Diego (California) based Metalcore/ Post-Hardcore hybrid act Being As An Ocean (named after a quote from Mahatma Gandhi) only came in existence in late 2011, the vast majority of its members have a musical past in DeathCore act Vanguard which, having been formed in 2005, left us two EPs (2006 Dragonslayers and 2009's Bring Hope – both 5-trackers) and one full-length (2008's Erek And Ivor).


Florence based Italian Speed/ Thrash/ Black Metal act Barbarian [do not confuse with the 2003 founded Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from the Girona area in Spain (which already left us a 3003 demo, a 2006 live album and full-lengths in 2007 and 2009), the 2001 formed Black Metal act from California (which released two 2001 demos - current status uncertain), or the Power/ Thrash Metal American outfit (which only left us a 1987 demo, and definitely no longer active)] was founded in 2009 by the trio of Borys Crossburn on guitar and vocals (also active with C


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