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Chantal Acda

Born in Holland during 1978 (you do your own maths as to her age), the new in Belgium (Antwerp, actually) residing Chantal Acda was previously active with the band Sleepingdog, which released three affectionately received albums (2006's Naked In A Clean Bed, 2008's Polar Life, and 2010's With Our Heads In The Clouds An Our Hearts In The Fields, the latter including a close working relationship with Adam Wiltze of Stars Of The Lid, and A Winged Victory For The Sullen fame).

Adrian Weiss

For those not familiar with the musician Adrian Weiss, let it be know that this Düsseldorf-based 1976 born German guitarist started out his career with Prog Rock/ metal act Thought Sphere, having picked up his instrument for the first time at the age of 15.

Black Trip

Although this Stockholm based Swedish retro Heavy Metal band was formed only recently, as a result of a conversation between Peter Stjärnvind (veteran of the Swedish Metal scene, with a history in the bands Face Down, Entombed, Unanimated, Regurgitate, Nifelheim, Merciless, Damnation, Born Of Fire, and currently still also active with Pest, Murder Squad and Krux) and Joseph Tholl


Okay, so let's put it straight-forward from the get-go, that this is nót about the '90s Canadian Hard Rock/ Glam Metal/ Heavy Metal act which left us two rather different albums (1992's eponymous album and 1995's Inwire, both released through major label BMG's subsidiary Ariola) before disbanding in 1996 (they actually reformed in 2007, and even recorded one gig which is planned for release on DVD in the future, but then their guitarist Dee Cernile died of lung cancer in 2012).


Another “new” band on the block with a rich past arose on the British landscape in the year 2011, when the well-seasoned vocalist Leigh Oates (of Order Of Voices and Rise To Addiction repute), guitarist Steve Wray (also Rise To Addiction, and of Blaze), bassist Wayne Banks (also of Blaze, with Messiah's Kiss, Sabbat and Joe Lynn Turner as further items on his curriculum) and drummer Jeff Singer


Hey hey...the return of an old acquaintance! Yep, although ScaRveD is but a recently formed act (came into existence in September 2012), its members are all seasoned ruts from the Belgian “Rock” scene, and the first time I came in contact with guitarist Luc Van Dessel goes back to my beginning years as a music journalist.


Although Greenville (South Carolina) based Post-Hardcore outfit Islander has only been around since 2011, its members (singer Mikey Carvajal, guitarist Andrew Murphy, bassist Chris Doot, and drummer Eric Frazier) have been playing together since 2006. Admittedly, the guys broke up for a few years, but in 2011, purely out of love of being in a band, they got back together as Islander!


This Toronto based Canadian Metallic Hardcore act was founded in 2011 by singer Michael Kopko, guitarists Dave Caporale and Danny Panzini, bassist Jules Parris, and a drummer whose name I was unable to retrieve.

The Order Of The Solar Temple

Ach...every once in a far too rare blue moon, some record company will come along with an almost perfect description of one of their new releases. That being the case with this Vancouver based Canadian act, I felt I could not deprive you, dear reader, of exactly those here they are (adapted, in small details, to comply with our website's rules, of course)!

The Kevin Costners

This Dutch/ Belgian Pop Rock act was founded in 2004 as a home recording project by core members Bouke Zoete (vocals & guitar), Sjors van der Meulen (guitar/ keyboards/ vocals) and Stijn Klaver (drums), with the intent of paying utter importance to “The Song”.


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