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Last time we came across the French Psychedelica artist known as GR (name is actually Gregory Raimu) was with the re-release of the 2008 GR & Full-Blown Expansion album through World In Sound review by yours truly posted 03/01/2010). At the label's website, Mexican Summer is cited as being GR's third solo album, meaning we missed one somewhere.


Following the release of Wonderful, Glorious's predecessor, 2010's Tomorrow Morning [which was the closing of the trilogy started with June 2009's released Hombre Lobo (the second part being January 2010's release of End Times) – see reviews by yours truly, of the chronologically latter albums, posted 24/02/ 2010 and 23/08/2010 respectively for more details], Eels as a band (mastermind Mark Oliver Everett alias E, plus guitarists The Chet and P-Boo, bassist Koool

Crimson Rain

Hailing from the water district in Argovia, Switzerland, this quartet consisting of singer Florian Siegrist, guitarist Matthew Lewis, bassist Vito Marella and drummer/ backing singer Alain Liesch claim a difference from the usual Prog Rock/ Prog Metal type of bands, as they neither indulge in the (and I quote) “...drug-infused '80 organ wanking, nor fiddle 24-minute tracks consisting of one single guitar solo in 7/8...”!


La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a small mountain town where most inhabitants spend their lives handcrafting complicated mechanisms for the luxury watches the country is renowned for, and also the hometown of Louis Jucker, Jonathan Nido, and Luc Hess, respectively the bassist/ backing singer, guitarist and drummer of Berlin based experimental Metal act The Ocean since...somewhere in 2009, I guess (The Ocean have had a stable line-up since Fall 2009, with the threesome and the band's originator, Robin

Blood Red Shoes

Colleagues Erik and Tim having reviewed this Brighton based English Alternative Rock duo's second and third albums Fire Like This and In Time To Voices (reviews respectively posted 01/03/2010 and 26/03/2012 – both still available in this website's “Archive” section), I don't really see a reason to do a full history-of-the-band, but, if indeed you need one, then google the band's page at Wikipedia too keep yourself busy!

V/A Sound City – Real To Reel

As you can surmise from the caption of this review, this album is in fact the soundtrack to a movie...but not just any movie, and it also is not your common soundtrack! You see, there's a nice story behind the coming along of both! It so happens that Sound City was the studio where Dave Grohl and his band Nirvana recorded the album Nevermind, you see? Situated at Van Nuys, Los Angeles, the studio was renowned for having the best sound where drum recordings were concerned.


This Baroque tinted Progressive Rock act has a somewhat fuzzy history which goes back all the way to 1989. It is apparently the year when the foundation of the current band was laid. Wackily enough, they were already known as Tucana and re-named themselves from Wistaria.

Arms Of War

In 2010, guitarist Vadim Grebenko left behind the activities in Brussels based band Bloodshot (founded in 2000, they originally player a mix of MetalCore and Hardcore, and later moved to a Groove/ Death Metal hybrid), and re-joined with former colleague Alex Shag (whom had played drums with Bloodshot until somewhere in 2007) to form a new band.


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