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According to the info sheet we got along with the promo copy of this Askerhus (Oslo area) based Norwegian Heavy Metal band, all members in Requinox (being singer/ guitarist Kenneth KingRockFjeldstad, lead guitarist Terje “SpeedKing Teigen, second guitarist Eirik Avalanche Gue, bassist Ola BassanovaOeverli, and drummer Kim RogneRockRogner


Finland is a country which has already given us quite a few fine bands from a variety of genres over the past couple of decades. Quite a few of those bands harkened back to days of yore in musical history, but nevertheless they usually succeeded in bringing something fresh. From the country's capital comes Minutian, who aspire “to bring something fresh to the world of traditional Rock rhythms”.

Maze Of Time

The story goes that one day in the middle of the last decade, guitarist/ songwriter Robert Edman returned home from a shopping trip in Helsinki, and having bought albums by the likes of The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard and Porcupine Tree, set to discovering the Third Wave of Progressive Rock! I mean, how can anyone with an interest in a specific field of music, in these modern days of Internet communication, be unaware of what's happening?

Lovelorn Dolls

This Brussels (Belgium, out of all places, dudes!!!) based Gothic Metal/ Electro Rock act was originally a duo composed of LadyHell (actual name Kristel, vocals) and Corpus Christi (music, guitars, programming, production), which released its debut EP An Intense Feeling Of Affection in 2010, only six months after first getting together.

Layla Milou

From the little info I was able to gather on the Internet (and from the info sheet that accompanied our promo copy of the new album), I was able to make out that Layla Milou was propelled upon the German music market as "The Next Rock Chick To Check Out" by the 7Hard label in Spring 2009.


The Internet, sometimes a great tool for fact-finding, but occasionally a pain in the b...! For some reason, I was quite unable to log onto this Australian Hard Rock band's own website (www.), so I have no clear idea of when the band formed and whether line-up changes occurred, as that kind of info was not revealed on other sites either. So, what dó I now?

Three Seasons

This Uppsala based Swedish band was formed in mid-2009 by the trio of Sartez Faraj (vocals & guitar), Olle Risberg (bass) and Christian Eriksson (drums), on a common love for late '60s and early '70s heavier Blues Rock and Jammy Psychedelica, but also with a hunger to explore beyond to incorporate a growing amount of elements in their music.

The Kiss That Took A Trip

Oh my, this was a tough review me me to get started on! You see, what The iss That Took A Trip brings here, is a very nice atmospheric/ Ambient collage of music, of the type that will have me gazing off in the far distance during listening sessions! Só tough was it for me, that at a certain moment I even considered simply copying the info sheet onto this page (well, write it all over again, of course, because I have never copy-pasted in my life!), but then that's something we cannot do, is it?

Silver Horses

Although the foundation of this Italo-British band was not completed before Gianluca Galli (songwriter/ guitarist known from his solo albums and his work with the bands Mantra and Time Machine) went to London in February 2011, in order to convince the renowned singer Tony Martin (best known from his two tenures with the legendary Black Sabbath; first time from 1987 to 1990, and for the albums The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, and TYR; the second time from 1993 to 1997, and on the


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