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Never A Hero

This “Rock/ Alternative”band from Sudbury in Suffolk (South-East England) is said to have been formed in 2009, when members of 2 local bands merged together to write something entirely different from their and the current Rock market's usual style. When we browse through the band members' bios (available at (www.) for further details), we find the story was slightly more complicated than that!

Krystal System

Right, before I actually get into the music on this album, I have a rectification to make. You see, in the review of my first encounter with this band, which was for the remixes EP Underground: Voodoo Night Sessions (review posted 20/12/2009) I made a small mistake, namely to assume that the band's full-length album Underground was still to be released...when in fact it had been issued a year prior to the EP, on Nov. 14, 2008. At that time our website had not yet re-connected with the people of Alfa Matrix yet.


A “glis”, in the animal world, is an apparently edible dormouse. Well, that's where I stopped reading on, because I didn't wanna know any more that thàt! So I went on to search, and found out there's a Los Angeles/ Copenhaven based Ambience/ Experimental “Fucked -up” Pop act by the name of Gliss (twó times “s”), and a one-man project named Glis Glis, playing Shoegazer-like music.

Layla Milou

From the little info I was able to gather on the Internet (and from the info sheet that accompanied our promo copy of the new album), I was able to make out that Layla Milou was propelled upon the German music market as "The Next Rock Chick To Check Out" by the 7Hard label in Spring 2009.


Since its conception in 2004, M.I.C. has seen several line-up changes, due maily to band leader and singer/ guitarist Yvon Serré's constant moving, not only within China (where the band was founded), but also back and forth to his native Canada.


Youth of today...they can be a weird lot: give 'em half a chance an they'll be putting down their parents' experiences down as negligible facts...but when music comes into play, some of the dudes will hark back to days of yore and identify with specific genres of “back when”! Which is quite alright, because you know, a funny thing about music, especially when we're talking “Rock” music, is that in due time certain sub-genres will come back for a while.

The Horse Company

This Dutch Alternative/ Indie Rock quartet (consisting of singers/ guitarists Arjen & Vincent Hilberdink, bassist Arjan Pronk, and drummer Jeroen Hobert) based in Zwolle (situated in the northern part of middle Holland, roughly between Amsterdam and Enschede) first let itself be heard on album with their self-titled debut, released in April of 2007.

Royal Parks

Anybody ever heard about a Dutch guitarist/ singer/ keyboardist/ songwriter/ producer by the name of Diederik Nomden? If you have, kudos for you. Here are perhaps some details about him you don't know yet!

Meroe you know, Meroë is an historical city on the right side of the river Nile, situated some 200 north from Karthoum, Sudan, and is known maily from the more than 200 piramids found on the West side of the town. The town was populated from around 800 BC to 350 AC, and was the capitol city of the Kingdom of Koesj for 7 centuries. The reason why the town was eventually abandoned, remains obscure, although there's speculation that the town was taken over by the Kingdom of Aksum around that time.

Martha Wainwright

Born on May 8, 1976 as the daughter of Loudon Wainwright III (US Folk singer and actor) and Kate McGarrigle (Canadian Folk singer-songwriter), Martha Wainwright was raised into a musical family alongside her older brother Rufus Wainwright in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), and it was only a matter of time before she would put her own steps into the music business.


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