Tony Holemans.


Named after singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist/ programmer Bryan Dallas, this now San Fransisco based Melodic Hard Rock outfit was formed during 2010 at the Dallas Ranch, high in the hills of Castro Valley (in a bird's eye, that would be about 35 km East by South-East from San Fransisco – 45 km when you go by road), after Bryan played some demos to friends Zac Curtis (drums/ triggers; first to join) and Matt Feifert (keybass/ keyboards/ backing vocals; joined when he moved into the ranch).

Daily Bread

Oh boy...has it really been 3 years since the release of this Leewarden based Dutch band's debut album Well, You're Not Invited (review by yours truly, posted 23/11/2009, is still available for your scrutiny and fact-finding needs in the “Archive” section of this here website)? Makes one wonder what took singer/ keyboardist Kimberly van der Velden, bassist Chris Mulder and drummer Stefan Stoer so long, doesn't it?

Clock Opera

Weird lot, this London based Indie/ Alternative Rock quartet, which was originally started in early 2009 as a solo project by singer/ guitarist/ sampler (and apparently also producer) Guy Connelly, formerly a member with the bands The Fallout Trust and The Corrections.


Incredible, that this French Post-Hardcore Noise band has been around for almost 25 years! Indeed, the band formed during 1989 in the village of Jonzac, but moved South some 80 km to put up homebase in Bordeaux in 1991. Since then, the band went through enough antics, and still this is the first time I heard from 'em! What follows below, is a free translation of the band's biography, as can be found on their Wikipedia page, and the info sheet we got along with the promo copy of the album (both in French).

Charlie Jones' Big Band

Charlie Jones is apparently the alias of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium born all-round artist Jan Verstraeten. An alias under which he shows quite some versatility : he makes paintings, he sculptures, “installations” (as to whàt kind of installations, the info source I have is somewhat vague), and of course also music.


Having heard rumors about Belgian Pop Rock act Toy (released albums, now classics in the genre, in 1979 and 1981, both in my possession) working on a comeback album (as a follow-up to the release of the 2012 single “Walking Backwards”), I kinda mistook this London based band's debut album for that. A deception which lasted as long as the time between my editor-in-chief's handing the info-lacking download, to the first minute I was listening to the CD when I got home from an afternoon of work at ConcreteWeb's headquarters.


From Prague comes a very nice Progressive Rock/ Metal act (with additional elements), formed in 2006 by singer/ guitarist Martin Schuster (formerly of Arawn and currently also a member of Pessimist), bassist Adam Palma, and drummer Filip Kittnar (formerly of Hell, he also bashes the drums in the band Lammoth).

Daniel Trigger

London Planetarium, 1989 : a young fellow from the Midlands (in other words, do not confuse with the Russian Death Metal band Trigger, who released a full-length debut entitled Apocalypse Tomorrow on NitroAtmosphericum Records in 2012) by the name of Daniel Trigger attends a laser show at the, where Europe's “The Final Countdown” is used as a musical backdrop for the show.


With this new release, Antwerp region's Codasync delivers its 5th album in just as many years, and again manages to do something different while at the same time remaining within their specific niche of instrumental (modern) Progressive Jam Rock/ Metal.


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