Tony Holemans.

Anne Soldaat

Weird name for a man, but just to make things quite clear : Anne Soldaat is a person of the male persuasion, and a Dutch guitarist and singer/ songwriter of some repute to boot!

My Lai

A search on the Internet for “My Lai” will invariably set you onto a small Vietnamese village, where a bunch of American soldiers made a bloodbath out of each man, woman and child living there in March 1968. But since 2010 My Lai is also a musical outfit of the modern Garage Rock inclination from Roosdaal, Belgium (a village East from the town of Ninove) consisting of the trio of Matthijs Verstegen (lead vocals, guitar), Koen Devits (drums, keyboards & backing vocals) and Brent Van Lierde (fuzz bass).


Although for a lot of us Broken may be the first time we hear of this Tampere, Finland based Modern Heavy Metal band, its foundation goes back to the Spring of 2002, when guitarist Niko Rauhala and drummer Janne Juutinen founded the band.

Fatum Aeternun

History as it, that this Tel Aviv based Israeli Sympho-Goth Metal band was originally conceived as a Folk band by Steve Gershon (mandolin, bass & vocals), Ze'ev Gut fiddle & vocals) and Olga Braverman (flute & vocals) and was described as a Renaissance Metal act due to the use of Renaissance and Medieval motifs played in a Metal-Crossover style.


Recruiting Robert Kulka for bass, and Stefan Johansson (formerly of Aggressive) for drum duties, this Gothenburg based Swedish quartet was founded in 2003 by lead singer/ guitarist Gabriel Aadland and lead guitarist Daniel Hessel. Their aim, and mission in life, to play down 'n' dirty Rock 'n' Roll.

Kris Pohlmann Band

Huh...surprising sometimes, the events which can be at the basis of the formation of a band. Prior to the formation of the band that goes under his name, London-born Kris Pohlmann had been a bedroom Blues guitarist for more than 12 years, when in early 2003 his then longtime girlfriend left him. Not long after, he had to undergo surgery due to a football injuries, and started to compose some songs in order to take his mind off of his bad luck, using Blues as a healer. It was during that time that he wrote the songs “Heavy Pain”.

Karnival Korpus

At Concrete Web headquarters this Trondheim based Norwegian band is hardly an unknown entity, seen as were allowed already to review the band's debut 2010 EP Midnight Creeper and 2011 debut full-length Whatever Comes Next (reviews by yours truly, posted 13/03/2011 and 10/02/2012 respectively).

Echo Us

This is the Ambient-geared side-project of Ethan Matthews, guitarist and producer of Progressive Rock outfit Greyhaven, originally set up in Boston during 2000 as a Progressive Rock recording duo including Greyhaven keyboardist Matthew Cahoon on vocals.

Don Jacobs

Born and raised in Mississippi, where for some art, literature and music are a way of life, Don Jacobs is a relatively successful visual artist (painter), muralist, and graphic designer, whom also has a psyche rooted deeply in Rock music, and a fascination for songwriting, which he brought to fruition in his first band as a teenager.


Thessaloniki (Central Macedonia, Greece) based Heavy/ Power Metal band Wardrum is far from a newcomer act. For even if the band itself only came into existence in the early Summer of 2010, the band already is at its sophomore album, and all of its members have an extended history in Thessaloniki based Metal!


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