Tony Holemans.

Vitruvian Man

Following a lengthy songwriting period, the full line-up formation of this Melbourne, Australia based modern Progressive Rock band finally came into being in early 2009, settling on singer Dan Swan, guitarist Glenn Kirkwood, bassist/ backing singer and keyboardist Johnny Glovasa, and drummer/ backing singer Greg Stone.

The Southern Experience Band

This fairly young North Carolina based Southern Rock quartet consisting of lead singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist Scott Sanders, lead guitarist/ backing singer JT Fitch, bassist/ backing singer Ron Humphries and drummer/ backing singer Jon Humphries (and the “young” also relates to the members, except for the bassist, who's obviously older, judging from the photographs in the album's booklet) first let themselves be heard of on a wider scale than just the live gigs through the release of their debut EP Beginnings in t

The Bitter Roots

This Seattle based Alternative Rock band was started when, in 2008, Ben Koostra moved there and reconnect with his old friend Jeff Stetson, whom he'd known back in the days in their hometown of Missoula, MT.

Mythic Force

Founded by guitarist Broderick Gray in 1991, Mythic Force is a Neo-Classically inspired Melodic Power Metal/ Heavy Metal act from Georgetown, Massachusetts,  which did not get around to releasing alums until they did so on their own at the beginning of this millennium! One cannot by wonder how comes, as the duo teamwork of Gray and longstanding fellow second guitarist Karl Heimar is indeed a more than nice one with interchanging lead plays!


The artist known as Dax (which is short for Dax Penick) comes from a family in which musical talent is not unknown. His cousin, Skeeter Davis, for instance is still wildly popular with millions of adoring fans in the Country music genre.

Amity In Fame

This Linz based Austrian band, today centered around lead singer Michael Bilcher, guitarist/ backing singer Filip Hörschläger, Roman Mayrhofer, and drummer Michael Kapfinger (and apparently operating both live and in the studio with guest musicians), was formed in May 2008 (then still with additional female singer Judith Schweder as extra permanent member and Wilfried Wöss as the drummer), jumped into the studio to make an acoustic version (which they promptly dubbed “Powerful Acoustic Rock

Big Engine

Neither of the few sources giving out the info, I am quite uncertain as to when this Jacksonville (Florida!, not Arkansas, North Carolina, or Texas) based quartet (consisting of lead singer/ guitarist Tony Minkus, lead guitarist Hans Oellerich, bassist Ryan Wilcox and drummer Benny Pucket) first got together to play their Country and Southern flavoured Classic Hard Rock tunes...but their MySpace page was opened on Jan. 30, 2006, so many that's a good indicator?

Ivory Moon

Rome based septet Ivory Moon was founded in the year 2000 with the intent to create a band unique in concept, as it would not be prefixed onto one specific Metal style.


From Adelaide, South Australia, comes a quintet [composed of singer (say shouter) Matt Kavanagh, guitarists Steven Dennis and Leigh Vergou, bassist Seb Bohm, and drummer Kim Fiddaman] who took influences from several sub-genres of Metal to create their own Post-Thrash hybrid.


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