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Beverly Killz

If you'll believe most info sources, Beverly Killz is a Milano (Italy) based Glam Rock/ Metal act which was founded in April 2007 by members of the bands Jasmine Gun and Mr. Jackfrost. But, while that is not far from the truth, reality is slightly different.

E. V. E.

This band was started as a Melodic Prog Rock solo project by American – Greek composer-singer Vicky Psarakis in late 2010, whom recorded this EP with the help of several talented Greek musicians [in fact, George Kollias on the drums and Elias Nousis on keyboards, guitars, bass and saxophone were the main contributors, with the track “The Planet's Cry” seeing collaborations of Tasos Asonitis on electric guitars, and Konstantinos Stavrou playing the acoustic guitar solo] at Athens' 9800 S

Nasty Idols

No newbees to yours truly, this Swedish Glam Rock/ Metal act, as I reviewed the quartet's comeback and previous album Boys Town. For a history of the band, I refer you to that review, posted 28/03/2009, and still available in the “Archive” section of this here website.

Wild Machine

This is probably the longest living Sleaze/ Glam band from Greece to date, originally founded in Athens under the monicker of War Machine (taken from the song by the same title on the Creatures Of The Night album by Kiss) in 1999, albeit with a different musical direction.

Bad Memories

Well now, ain't this Italian Heavy AOR band a nice surprice to be found on the Perris Records label! That's a statement, not a question, because the keyboard-driven Melodic Heavy Rock tunes Bad Memories brings on its debut album are a far cry from the Glam/ Sleaze acts we usually find on the label.


Huh...weird name for a “band”...but then, why would a person nót call his project after a cryptocrystalline form of silica (composed of very fine intergrowths of the silica minerals quartz and maganite)? With its waxy luster, semi-transparant aspect, and assuming a wide range of colours (although usually white to grey, greying blue, or a shade of brown ranging from pale to almost black), I can certainly understand why the mineral may have spoken to the artist's imagination! (P.S.: mineral description taken from Wikipedia)

Cyanide 4

Athens based Sleaze/ Glam Metal act Cyanide 4 have been at it for quite a while now, having been founded in 2008, same year as in which G.A. Sinn (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Johxnyy Slut (lead guitar), Nasty George (bass) and Alex Rated (drums) released their debut demo Complex.


Pffhhhh... If some disappointment in The Art Of Loving (the 9th album under the Eloah monicker, by the now in Holland residing Austrian Elmer C. Fuchs) rang through in that sigh, then I've accomplished my goal (alternately, you know know what was meant, uh?).


Brooklyn based Psychedelic Rock band Naam can call themselves lucky! Having formed in 2008 as a trio of John Preston Bundy (bass & vocals, but also piano and synthesizer), Ryan Lee Lugar (guitar & vocals, and also tambura) and Eli Pizzuto (drums), they soon struck a deal with New York based specialist label Tee Pee Records, and as a result saw their debut 3-track EP Kingdom released in April of 2009.


Two years after their debut album Dead Memories (review posted 25/04/2010), Belgian “Melodic Hard Rock” band (who actually play songs alternating between Grunge and more baladesque leanings) Shellcase returns with its sophomore album. I daresay that frontman and main composer Dave Varlet has seen another bit of bad luck, this time with the loss of long-time drummer and soulmate Filip Vinck, whom is now replaced by one Jan Charlier.


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