Tony Holemans.

Storm Corrosion

This is the long awaited and speculated upon collaboration between Opeth guitarist Michael Akerfeldt and Porcupine Tree frontman and solo artist Steven Wilson, and considering the history, it hàs been a long time coming.

Tenacious D

Uh...not a short story, this, and therefore, let's get started with it (info mainly taken from the band's pages at Wikipedia). As many of you may know, this is the humorous musical expression of actors Kyle Gass and Jack Black (the latter being the most popular), whom have known each other since 1989, when both were playing in Los Angeles based theatre group The Actors' Gang.

The Hives

My oh my, would you believe it's been 5 years since this Swedish Melodic Garage Rock act released its previous album The Black And White Album, and having reviewed that myself, it's with confidence that I gladly refer you that bit of epic writing, posted Dec. 1st, 2007, for a detailed history up an until that moment, should you feel inclined to check that out.

Zico Chain

First of all, a short apology for the very, very late review of this album, something which happened to quite a few albums put to my care, I'm afraid, and which was originated by several negative events outside my personal sphere of influence. Regretfully, the bulk of those events caused me to suffer from a writers' block during several months, and it's only at the start of this year that I've been able to start catching up with everything that's been piling up.


Do not mistake this French band for any of the other acts by the same name, in fact, do also not mistake this band from the Montpellier region with the one from Lyon, who play a Wave version of a Black Metal and Punk hybrid.


Some bands can be so obscure, there's hardly any info to be found on 'em on the Internet. Here's another case.


Brooklyn based guitar-drum duo Xaddax is yet another great band in the list of stuff distributed by Mandaï (like, I daresay, most of their stuff), bringing us the band's debut full-length 10-track album which was released on the Skin Graft label back in May 2012.

Cold In Berlin

Deplorable how little info one can find on the Internet about this London based British band! From what I've been able to piece together, the band was formerly known as a quartet under the name of Death Cigarettes until the latter part of 2009, when original singer Maya and guitarist Andy decided to take on a new rhythm section.


Having started as a Bologna (Italy) based guitar-drums (guitar = Michele, drums= Giovanni) duo in 2006, D.U.N.E. grew to a quartet including singer Alessandro and bassist Nico (native of Barcelona and Toronto, but I ain't sure to whom which place relates), which released its debut 12-inch vinyl release L'Ipotesi Della Stipsi in March of 2008 through several labels (including Wallace Records, but with licencing to Shove records, In Limi

Secret Signs

Based in Madrid, Spain, this band was founded in April 2005 when keyboardist Sergio López and guitarist Jose Manuel Torres met each other through a very popular Internet music forum. Influenced by the likes of Epica, After Forever and Nightwish, their desire was to start a European female fronted Symphonic Metal project. So, with that in mind they first went in search of a rehearsal space, and then went on the lookout for the additional members to complete the line-up.


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