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Gosh...the weird stuff we sometimes get to review at ConcreteWeb! Hailing from Turku (a city some 160 km removed from Finland's capitol Helsinki in the western direction) comes the synthesizer trio of Wolf Rami (synths), Mazathoth (additional synths) and Inhalator 2 (electronic drum pads)...better known as Nightsatan.

Disturbance Project

With this album our editor-in-chief again unloaded a truly great Grindcore act into my to-do box...and that had been a while...but then Madrid-based Disturbance Project are of a quality to equal that of its legendary fellow countrymen Machetazo.

Thunder Lord

This Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from Santiago, Chile was founded back in 2002 by singer/ guitarist Esteban Peñaililo, second guitarist Misael Cabello, bassist Francisco Menares and a drummer of whose identity I am uncertain (it being either Nicolás Duarte, or a fellow known just as Luis).

The Sultans

This minimalist instrumental Boogie Blues act is the brainchild of Laja Aijala, formerly the singer of Terveet Kadet, one of Finland's more infamous Crust Punk acts, and obviously quite a change from what he did with his other band.


Although this Modern Heavy Metal was founded only last year, its individual members can already boast experiences in the Italian scene going back a decade. So, let us check what these dudes (and lady) have been up to in the past, shall we?

Raum Kingdom

There's very little to tell about this Louth, Dublin based Irish Sludge/ Doom Metal band, because it comes dropping out of a clear blue sky, and info about the guys is really scarce, to the point that I'm quite unable to tell you when Dave Lee (vocals), Andrew Colohan (guitar), Ronan Connor (bass) and Mark Gilchrist (drums) founded the band.


Goodness's been a while since the editor-in-chief dropped a nice Crust Grindcore Metal act into my to-do box, but with P.L.F. he sure handed me quite a job!


This Zagreb based Croatian Groove Thrash act was originally founded in 2006 as a power trio consisting of guitarist Daniel Badanjak, bassist David Vukusic and drummer Frane Velvic, but what with the latter still living outside Zagreb, where the band had its rehearsal space, the material played by the band consisted mainly of covers by such bands as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest, and very little work was undertaken to develop original music.


Before getting to the band at hand, let's make it clear from the go, that this is NOT about the US Heavy/ Thrash Metal act founded in Buffalo during the year 2000, which up to day delivered a 2001 demo, a first full-length entitled Execution Protocol on Too Damn Hype Records in 2002, two ensuing full-lengths (2004's For Whom The Gods Would Destroy and 2006's Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight) on Lifeforce Records, and whose last “sign of life” came with the 2009 5-track EP The Curse Of The King, issued th

Tim Bowness

When introducing North West English singer (and occasional guitarist) Tim Bowness, labels have a tendency of placing his most noteworthy accomplishments in the first place...but I'm a bit of a weirdo, so I'll do things differently (besides, it fits into the flow of this article anyway)!


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