Tony Holemans.

The Used it turns out, we at ConcreteWeb last came across this American “Rock” band on the occasion of the release of their 2007 album Lies For The Liars (for which a review by yours was posted on July 10 of that same year – look it up in our “Archive” section for details on the band's career up to that point)!


Founded in 2010 as a side-project for guitarists John Browne (Fellsilent) and Josh Travis (Tony Danza Tapdance Experience), this band has nothing to do at all with the Dutch Black/Doom Metal act by the same name, which formed in 2012 and self-released its 2-track debut EP The December Sessions in February of last. Nay, this Monuments is a Progressive Metal act, which is capable of making a perfect marriage of complex structures and melodies!


Huh...Monolith? That's hardly an original bandname, is it now? I mean, I personally know of 10 US bands with that name (two of which, a Sludge act from Philadelphia and a Thrash Metal act from Perris in California, at least being active), and 9 others from different parts of the world (of which a Progressive Melodic Death Metal/ Metalcore act from Toronto and a Melodic Death Metal act from Germany are still active, and both with several releases to their name).

Flood The Red

In late 2004, three Scots fresh out of school in their native town of Airdrie (a satellite town of Glasgow, situated some 19 km East from that metropolis' center) decided that they wanted to travel the world in places where one would not ordinarily go...and their music would be the vehicle which would help them achieve that goal! That trio would eventually grow into the sextet it is today, with members who have roots in South Africa, Canada and the US, but all based in that same small neighborhood of the globe.


Good creeps...finally I come across this legendary band again! You know, I remember having heard this band's fourth full-length album Confederacy Of Ruined Lives (2000) at a friend's place, somewhere at around the time I got involved in this website, actually, and having been blown away with the band's wacky mixture of Black Sabbath tonality and Post-Hardcore styled vocals.

Boris The Blade

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, “Deathcore” act Boris The Blade (taking their name from a character in the 2000 crime comedy movie Snatch) was founded in 2010 by the foursome of singer Daniel Sharp, guitarist Josh Lording, bassist Coby Chatz, and drummer Daniel Hickey.

Red Tide Rising

This Modern Metal act comes to us from Douglas County, Colorado, where brothers Matt (vocals) and Andrew (guitar) Whiteman have been training from tender youth to approach the making of music in an as professional possible style.

Martyr Defiled

(read with exhalted voice) Guess what? I somehow got it in my head to make the introductory words to this review, as if it were a nature documentary. Wanna indulge me? Okay then... (now read on with a semi-deep, moody, but captivating, dramatic voice – Richard Attenborough-style, perhaps?) Situated at about equal distances (that being around 65 km) from Nottingham in the SW, from Hull in the NNE, and from Sheffield in the WNW direction, is the community known as Lincoln, in the English province of Lincolnshire.


Japanese promos, part 3 (for previous episodes, check my reviews of the Aggressive Dogs EP and the Gunship666 full-length), and yet again a change of pace: leaving behind all Hardcore pretenses, and going for an internationally tainted modern Hard Rock sound with added Dance elements through the inclusion of lavish synth's Loka from the town of Sekagaya!


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