Eternity is but an instant

T x R x P aka Trepaneringsritualen, the main outfit of Thomas Ekelund, do not need any extended introduction, so I won’t delve too deep into this great project’s past. I will go to the content immediately.

Grand Celestial Nightmare

I will keep my introduction short, for Grand Celestial Nightmare is one of the 665 outfits that include the Dutch multi-faceted musician Maurice ‘Mories’ De Jong. You might know him as well from acts like Gnaw Their Tongues, The Sombre, Aderlating, Pyriphlegethon, Cloak Of Altering, Coffin Lurker and tens of others.


Last year, more exactly on April 25th 2021, the extremely fine Romania-based label Loud Rage Music did release the album Inert & Unerring by Genune, a band hailing from the North of Romania. It was a release on jewel-case compact-disc, deeply appreciated by undersigned. Evidently, you could (and still can) find the digital edition via various sources as well.

8 Hour Animal

I know that Sentient Ruin Laboratories do not release catchy or poppy stuff, and once again this Californian label figuratively hits, and crushes, my (beautifully-shaped) skull with a rusty pickaxe. Resigner is the name of that rabid monster, that unleashed vehicle by one-man-army 8 Hour Animal.

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