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I was totally blown away two years ago when Nebular Winter Productions’ owner Nasos introduced me to Morar. They did debut with the five-tracker Chants Of Ossian, which did stand for fabulous Nordic-styled Epic Black Metal with a Norwegian touch of superiority and grandeur. Check out the review I wrote for that EP, posted on September 21st 2014.

Human Serpent

I was truly surprised by last year’s The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism, this Greek band’s debut on Nebular Winter Productions (see update September 22nd 2014), and now, one year later, this band returns with the sophomore full album, Inhumane Minimalism, once again via the very same (top) label. Nine tracks this time, having a total running time of thirty two minutes. Once again the whole was mixed, engineered and mastered by K. Filip at the F&A Studio.

Nemesis Sopor

Dresden, Saxony, Germany-based five-piece Nemesis Sopor return with their second album, two years after Wurzelloser Geist. The quintet released this stuff on CD at the end of May this year, and now the Greek tape-only label Nebular Winter Productions re-release the album on cassette. It comes in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered transparent tapes, by the way. And the cover is very professional, with decent printing etc.

Human Serpent

Human Serpent are a new act from Greece (consisting of two guys who call themselves I. and X.), which self-released the demo-MCD The Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy last year. One of the tracks from that demonstrational recording made it to the Spiritual Flesh Around The Cycles Of Inexistence sampler, a tape released via Abyssic Black Cult Records with six Greek bands, amongst whom, as you can guess, Human Serpent.


Honestly, I did not know Morar before, and apparently this band (or project) seems to be rather mysterious. But I do not care, because the aural result is what finally counts. And in Morar’s case I am truly blown away. What you will read right now (or maybe you won’t; shame on you, because Morar deserve all support they can get!) is about the first, and I guess the only thing they recorded until now: the demo / EP Chants Of Ossian.


German duo Ewigeis (meaning something like ‘eternal ice’ but beautifully (and that’s my honest opinion) written in incorrect German language) started in 2008, and they self-released a demo in 2009, Wolfsmond, (‘mouth of the wolf’), and one in 2011, Abgrund (‘abyss’).

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