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Purification through fire! Rebirth through flames!

For an introduction on this Italian act (like ‘formed in 2020 as a duo’, and that kind of interesting stuff), I’d like to refer to my review on this band’s debut-EP, ingeniously called Pyra (link: see below).


Dutch act Infinity started almost three decades ago and still consists of two of the original members: Draconis (okay, he left this project for a while) and Balgradon Xul. During the first decade of this millennium, they did record four albums, yet as from then on, they did take their time before releasing new material. In this case, we, the impatient audience, had never awaited so long, for it has been six years (and a couple of times) before we could now, finally, bit welcome to this band’s seventh full-length studio album.


The word ‘pyra’ comes from ‘wood-pyramid’ when referring to a pile of wood, like a (funeral / sacrificial / tribunal / burial) pyre. English-speaking folks might have known that, but in case you did not (yet), here you are… Purification through fire, or something…


We recently got sent the second release of Belgium's own “Alternative Rock” quartet Vodz, and our editor-in-chief thought of me to review the little an unfortunate moment in time where my access to Internet is somewhat limited to an absolute minimum, meaning I cannot do do the slightest bit of research for additional info. So, it's with some regret that I can only re-write the info given me along with the material into something which reads easily.


I was little confused when Nele, the nice lady that takes care of Consouling Sounds’ management and promotion (she also runs the renewed store in Ghent, and is in charge of the organisation of different happenings, like a non-ignorable presence at 2014’s edition of the famous Incubate (and FYI: Consouling Sounds will record the performance on that ‘festival’ of Nadja, and release it soon after on vinyl; something to look after!)), offered me an EP by Nordmann.

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