Depressive Illusions Records

Moloch / Arria Paetus

I did express my adoration for Aesthetic Death - and the sympathetic guy behind this label - a hundred times before. I won’t go too deep into this English label’s fabulous existence this time. But here’s a review on another excellently chosen release, being a split in between two semi-Arctic entities. And I admit that this deals (once again) with an older release, but then again: so what?! Indeed (grim-looking smiley included)…


I am aware of a handful of (sometimes really interesting) acts from Kazakhstan, but I didn’t know Detention. However, apparently this project did release a first album in 2013, called Coma, via (mighty) No Remorse Records (British, but based in Gibraltar). But as said, this is my first acquaintance with Detention. It seems to be a project, a solo-outfit, by a guy called Yeldar Rakishev.

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