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Ibex Angel Order

Ibex Angel Order once started as Sauron in 1997, then went on as a duo named Funeral Goat – we’re talking about the unholy year 2008 – and as from 2014 on, Ludas (aka LDS ;drums) and Herr AIDS (here as HRRDS; vocals and strings) continued under their current moniker. And just for your information, but both of them are involved with Abysmal Darkening as well.


More than a decade ago, I came along a band formed by two brothers. Since my brother and I do somehow share a mutual passion for specific music(k)al trends too, I sort of felt a passion for these guys’ outlet. It started with Deep Into Time, the first album by Athelstan and Wulfstan. I’ve always considered my brother as a partner-in-black, and that’s why I do have a secret passion for outlets in brotherhood.


Russia’s Blackdeath (the one from Saint Petersburg) did climb up to be one of the most notorious acts from their home country on international scale.


Out of nowhere Wederganger arose, reshaping the Dutch underground. Former and current members of notorious acts like Heidevolk, Fluisterwoud, Botulistum (rip), Dimensional Psychosis, Blackleaf or Weltbrand joined forces in order to create two pieces of Gueldrian Undeath Metal, which they independently released on tape in very early 2014.


One of the oldest still-existing Black Metal formations from The Netherlands is Countess, formed in 1992 by multi-instrumentalist / vocalist Zenon and synth-meister Vercingetorix. The both released a first demo (tape) in 1992, before they were joined by Orlok, shortly after he left the great band (and I do mean that, though apparently not many people share this opinion) Fallen Temple. In mean time, both founding members left, and Orlok is the driving force since.

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