Moscow Funeral League


To celebrate their fifteenth year of existence, Quercus present us their third full length album, two years after Sfumato. This Czech act, with members from Umbrtka (vocalist Ondřej ‘Lord Morbivod’ Klášterka and multi-instrumentalist Lukáš Kudrna, with newly recruited keyboardist Marek ‘Markko’ Pišl), recorded this lengthy five-tracker over a period of almost one year.

My Shameful

It’s no secret. Everybody knows that Finland houses an impressive list of great Doom-acts, whether it be within the Traditional / Classic Doom current, the Epic Doom, Doom-Death, Funeral Doom, or the Doom-Doomer-Doomiest Doom one. And one of the best known and, to some, most impressive projects out there is this one, My Shameful.

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