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Dimension is a band that hails from Denver – Colorado, and this is their third release after their 2002 debut ‘Universal’ and the 2007 album ‘Ego’, both released by Nightmare Records. 

Cea Serin

An album that contains only 5 tracks, and has total playing time of just over 47 minutes is quite unusual.  The band already exists since 1997, and has previously released some demo’s and finally their first studio ‘Wher Memories Combine’ album in 2004.


Teramaze returned and released their 4th full length album. After completely grabbing the attention of the underground Prog-Power Metal fans with their 2012 release “AnhedoniA.” Teramaze blends tight and speedy syncopated guitar/drum riffs and rhythms, with melodic hard vocals. You could compare this style with bands like Dream theather.

Anubis Gate

Anubis Gate is prog/powermetal band from Denmark witch already has 5 albums held in high regard by both critics & fans. The band was founded in 2001 by Jesper M. Jensen and Morten Sørensen, Torben Askholm and with the aid of old friends Henrik Fevre and Kim Olesen. Together, these chaps have made some solid records.

Fred Colombo

This is real shit. The promo sheet reports Memoria as a pop album with touches of electronic, ambient, dance, house, fusion and metal. I suppose that there's a specific demographic that will swallow this whole and think it fine cuisine but the rest of us would be well advised to leave this release on the store shelves.

Divided Multitude

Already the fifth studio album for this Norwegian band, but I admit never before having heard of them, I guess the stream of bands/albums etc. is just getting too big to be able to follow them all.  I got a bit scared when I put this album on, and it started with some flamenco guitar and handclap, but that was just the intro.

Seven Kingdoms

Yet another female fronted metal band I thought.  But boy did I make a mistake.

I’d never heard of this US band before, yet this is already their third album, and the second with Sabrina Valentine on vocals.  And contrary to many other female fronted bands this lady doesn’t try to mimic an opera singer, but instead sings more in the lower and mid range of the spectrum; yet at the same time being able to reach rather high notes as well.

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