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The Horrible Crowes

Oh my, talk about milking out successful events! In late 2010, Brian Fallon (lead singer/ guitarist of The Gaslight Anthem) and his guitar tech Ian Perkins got together to write songs together for a side-project of theirs, which he announced as concentrating “...on the dark side of soul music...”. In essence, they were writing some singer-songwriter songs with somewhat darker lyrics, and the two headed to a studio to record a total of 12 original songs.

Xavier Rudd

I first came across this relatively prolific (this is his 7th studio album since 2002's To Let – not counting two live albums, that means he comes with a new album every two years) Australian singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist “World Music” artist thanks to his previous album Koonyun Sun, which was released through the elitist Anti- label (review posted...somewhere in April 2010, I guess – I am quite unable to check that at the time of writing, and forgot to do so when I would've been able to).

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