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Soniq Theater

Oh my, has it actually been 2 ½ years since Alfred Mueller (the sole person behind this one-man Sympho-Prog Rock project) contacted us last, because of the release of his Unknown Realities alum (posted 13/06/2010, that review is still available in this website's “Archive” section, should you suddenly become interested in checking out the man's antecedents)?

Fast Train Union

This Toronto (Ottawa) based Canadian Hard Rock quartet was formed in 2006, by a collection of seasoned musicians (lead singer Sean Potvin, guitarist/ backing singer John Wetherilt, bassist/ backing singer Al Perrier, and drummer Paul DeMarinis) from a variety of backgrounds (collectively, in past band incarnations, the members of FTU have played support slots to the likes of Exciter, Alias, Trooper, Blue Rodeo, and Rik Emmett –

Three Seasons

This Uppsala based Swedish band was formed in mid-2009 by the trio of Sartez Faraj (vocals & guitar), Olle Risberg (bass) and Christian Eriksson (drums), on a common love for late '60s and early '70s heavier Blues Rock and Jammy Psychedelica, but also with a hunger to explore beyond to incorporate a growing amount of elements in their music.

The Kiss That Took A Trip

Oh my, this was a tough review me me to get started on! You see, what The iss That Took A Trip brings here, is a very nice atmospheric/ Ambient collage of music, of the type that will have me gazing off in the far distance during listening sessions! Só tough was it for me, that at a certain moment I even considered simply copying the info sheet onto this page (well, write it all over again, of course, because I have never copy-pasted in my life!), but then that's something we cannot do, is it?

Silver Horses

Although the foundation of this Italo-British band was not completed before Gianluca Galli (songwriter/ guitarist known from his solo albums and his work with the bands Mantra and Time Machine) went to London in February 2011, in order to convince the renowned singer Tony Martin (best known from his two tenures with the legendary Black Sabbath; first time from 1987 to 1990, and for the albums The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, and TYR; the second time from 1993 to 1997, and on the

Never A Hero

This “Rock/ Alternative”band from Sudbury in Suffolk (South-East England) is said to have been formed in 2009, when members of 2 local bands merged together to write something entirely different from their and the current Rock market's usual style. When we browse through the band members' bios (available at (www.) for further details), we find the story was slightly more complicated than that!

Layla Milou

From the little info I was able to gather on the Internet (and from the info sheet that accompanied our promo copy of the new album), I was able to make out that Layla Milou was propelled upon the German music market as "The Next Rock Chick To Check Out" by the 7Hard label in Spring 2009.


Named after singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist/ programmer Bryan Dallas, this now San Fransisco based Melodic Hard Rock outfit was formed during 2010 at the Dallas Ranch, high in the hills of Castro Valley (in a bird's eye, that would be about 35 km East by South-East from San Fransisco – 45 km when you go by road), after Bryan played some demos to friends Zac Curtis (drums/ triggers; first to join) and Matt Feifert (keybass/ keyboards/ backing vocals; joined when he moved into the ranch).

Karnival Korpus

At Concrete Web headquarters this Trondheim based Norwegian band is hardly an unknown entity, seen as were allowed already to review the band's debut 2010 EP Midnight Creeper and 2011 debut full-length Whatever Comes Next (reviews by yours truly, posted 13/03/2011 and 10/02/2012 respectively).

Echo Us

This is the Ambient-geared side-project of Ethan Matthews, guitarist and producer of Progressive Rock outfit Greyhaven, originally set up in Boston during 2000 as a Progressive Rock recording duo including Greyhaven keyboardist Matthew Cahoon on vocals.


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