20 Buck Spin


San Francisco-based project Vastum, with former and current members of e.g. Acephalix, Necrot and Hammers Of Misfortune, did surely impress undersigned, and undoubtably tens of millions of others, with 2011’s Carnal Law. The sophomore record Patricidal Lust was recorded at the famous Earhammer Studio and goes on in the very same vein, yet with a heavier and more dense and darkened / darkening core.

Mammoth Grinder

The fourth album from Austin-based Mammoth Grinder blasts immediately into brutal black n’ roll hell with the title track. Underworlds hit the decks with full on angry grind core  (Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer) and punky sounding-like thrash/death metal (Discharge, Obituary, Municipal Waste)) like “Underworlds”, “Wraparound eyes” and a hint of Entombed/Unleashed with exceptional guitar solos, pounding drums and a Randy Blythe-like growl bite that hurts for days.


Lycus are an American band, originally located in Oakland, then moved to Sacramento, with a rather successful promotional demo done in 2011 (Demo MMXI, released via Graceless Recordings on tape and Flenser Records on vinyl). It caught the attention of Olympia-based 20 Buck Spin, whom the band signed to recently.

Bone Sickness

After the recording of a demo and an EP (released via Detest Records), Olympia, WA-based Bone Sickness entered the studio to record seven new songs, to be released on vinyl and digital download.

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