Buil2Kill Records


Being part of the Concreteweb-team is both a blessing and a curse. At the one hand, I have the opportunity to listen to tens of excellent recordings each week (imagine, I’m still working fulltime too, and have a family to take care of), but sometimes our chief editor f*cks me by giving me stuff that is way beneath my intelligence. Brings me to this album, done by a label I always am careful with. Buil2Kill released some stuff I could appreciate a little, but most of their roster is not really my cup of poisonous tea.

Arcanum Sanctum

Nadir Promotion and Buil2Kill Records released a couple of new albums in 2012, which have been send to our headquarters recently through the promotional staff behind the label. Some of them were transported into my hemisphere, so (in a couple of cases) I will be glad to …

Veritas Odium Parit by Russian trio (originally a one-man project) Arcanum Sanctum lasts for half an hour and just like the 2010-debut Fidus Achates, the stuff was mixed and mastered at the NavahoHut in Moscow.

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