GS Productions


Stijn van Cauter is a Belgian artist, a multi-disciplinary one, especially known from his sonic outlets, I think (at least, this goes for me). He is the guy behind truly excellent projects like Until Death Overtakes Me, Arcane Voidsplitter, Inframonolithium, The Sad Sun (with U.S.-based musician E.M. Hearst), The Nulll Collective (idem) and several more.


Decemberance was (sorry, ‘is’) an Athens, Greece based band, formed in the second half of the Nineties. However, one cannot exactly call this band a very productive one, for the number of recordings over more than two decades of existence is quite limited. But then again, don’t we prefer just a few releases yet from a high quality instead of an overload of shitty stuff?...


Nagaarum is quite an active solo-project by Gábor Tóth, whom you might know from bands such as In Vacuo, GuilThee or Sunseth Sphere. This project started in 2008 as an Industrial / Ambient outfit, but Nagaarum permanently evolved. In the near future I will write and publish a review on Homo Maleficus, the 2017-album, but first I’ll write some words about 2016’s D.I.M.

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