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Lancelot Lynx

Lancelot Lynx started playing covers all over Ireland in 2005. They did some lineup changes and Kupper found his team in drummer J-Roz and guitarist Michal Kulbaka. Kupper and Roz are the composers of some original songs! They issued a five song, self titled EP in 2010 and now serve up their full length debut “NO TIME TO DIE”.


Gosh, a band from Panama-City (you know, the capitol city of Panama, situated on both sides of the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean?), that's certainly something which doesn't come along every day! Which might explain why I found no extra info on the Progressive Power Metal band, other that that which they sent along with the download promo of the album (info which can also be found on their website), so I guess we'll have to make due with that, eh?


2009, the provincial town of Gorlovka (40 km from Donetsk) in the Ukraine. A depressive industrial setting, where a population of 240,000 people are trying to survive on the remains of the Soviet era. It's in that setting that 5 Metal-hungry youngsters decide to start a band of their own, playing their favourite music, but influenced by the great variety of alternative bands that had always been around in their town's Underground scene.

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