Northern Silence Productions


Apparently, Cromworx is a solo-outfit by Grom, part of the original line-up of Slovakian Gothic Metal act Orkrist. They were active – and quite ‘popular’ – at the very beginning of this millennium, and after a pretty long ‘break’ they sort of returned a couple of years ago.


Alor are a very young solo-outfit by Miguel Black aka Amarok, former member of shortly lived (yet productive) duo Lyset, and briefly active in Nangilima too. He created this piece called Haerfest at the end of 2013, and he had the opportunity to have it released via the professional label Northern Silence Productions earlier this year. Amarok did all instruments and vocals (there’s one single track with guest vocals), as well as the production and mix.


Saor (which is Gaelic for ‘free’) is a project by Andy ‘Tuagh’ Marshall, whom you might know from his previous collaboration with, for example, Falloch, Concept Of Time, In Vino Veritas or Askival. Initially Saor were called Àrsaidh, for your info.

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