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Disinter / Disinter

This was a nice batch – three releases in a row via Pest Records that involve Disinter. Yet then again, which one are we talking about? I think there at least seven or eight Death Metal bands with that name. Well, actually, on November 14th 2022, we had a new full-length by the Chicago-based Disinter, called Breaker Of Bones. A review will (probably) follow soon (or at least: sooner or later).


You know, sometimes a totally new outfit does surprise as from the very first moment. Well, that’s exactly what I experienced with Greek duo Eldingar, a very young outfit that wrote, recorded and released the debut-album Maenads in very early Summer 2021. Stavros Lontos (guitars) and Andreas Simitzis (vocals) joined forces to pay tribute to the majestic Greek scene ‘of Old’.

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