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Drive Like Maria

I already reviewed Drive Like Maria’s last full album, and as I told was pretty impressed by what they bring us.  So this single does not add much.  It contains one track from their last album, as well as a track from their first album ‘Elmwood’, and finally a remix of another song ‘Talk To Me’, a remix I don’t find as good as the original, but that’s my personal opinion.

Drive Like Maria

Since I received both the single and the full album at the same moment, I found it a bit stupid to write two distinct reviews.

This is the second album by this Belgian/Dutch band, that I’d never heard of before.  To say they play hard rock wouldn’t do justice to their music.  This is much more than plain hard rock.  It’s more something in the vein of poppy stoner rock, with also hints of other genres hidden in the songs.

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