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Reign Of The Architect

This is, for a debut album, pretty impressive stuff.  Of course the musicians featuring on this album are no freshman in the music business.  The band hails from Israel, and features Yuval Kramer  (Amaseffer) on guitar, whereas the mastermind behind the band is Yotam Avni (Prey For Nothing).  They are aided by guest performances by Jeff Scot Soto, Mike LePond (Symphony X) and Joost Van Den Broeck (Ayreon, After Forever).


The Greek Valor was formed in 2002 and two years later released their first mini-cd “The Nameless One” which received high praises from international underground media. In 2008 came the band’s first full length album “Destiny’s Path”.

Their third album “The Yonder Answer” is again the result of an intensive collaborative effort between all band members the result of which is an album full of melody and passion.


Female grunters aren’t that unusual anymore, but one of the most impressing and most beautiful ones (there are many, and since I do profoundly adore 1. beautiful woman and 2. beautiful Metal, I am but a lucky human entity) is Mona Beck. She first impressed me on Illnath’s former album, Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness, which gave me a double-bind felling.


Formed in Cyprus in 2003, the band Blynd saw first light. they saw it as a personal mission to bring the starving underground metal scene on surface and to spread the tentacles of their music . Their first demo “Embraced and Abandoned” (2004) received excellent reviews from magazines and webzines around the world, such as Terrorizer Magazine scoring the demo with 8.5 and caught the attention of underground magazines witch was the start of a growing  fan base.

Holy Dragons

Holy Dragons band was created on the 11th of September in 1992 and till 1997 existed under the name Axcess in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  In those beginning days of Holy Dragons, they were situated at Metal of the 80-ties and this influence still remains the main principal of the band.

Holy Dragons

How many Metal bands do you, dearest reader, know from Kazakhstan (except from those who do live out there)? Honestly, my knowledge about the Heavy Music scene was limited up to three bands, which I did know by name only (I did never hear any of their stuff) (more specific: NEFormat, Requiem and Butchery; the latter, a Death / Grind-act, I did know from having a female vocalist).

Access Denied

Touch Of Evil is the second released album from the Polish female fronted heavy metal band named "Access Denied". The album was actually a self-released record in Poland somewhere in 2011. But after the band got signed to Pitch Black Records, the label decided to re-release the album worldwide in November 2012.


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