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Diablo Blvd

Tracklist:  1  Beyond the Veil

                  2  Get up 9

                  3  Follow the Deadlights

                  4  Son of Cain

                  5  We are Legion

                  6  Fear is for the Enemy

                  7  Peace won by War

                  8  End of Time

                  9  Rise like Lions

                 10 Inhuman 


It’s been around 3 years since Helloween released a new album, but it has been worth the wait.  While their previous album ‘7 Sinners’ already was a fantastic album, this new one is a masterpiece.

This is their fourteenth studio album so far, and to say the truth they’ve sticked to the concept of their previous albums.  So expect no major experiments or the use of some unusual instrument.  But that does not alter the fact that this band is a well oiled combo.

The Shins

The Shins really wanted to start with a clean sheet again before releasing new music. Therefore, singer and guitar player James Mercer kicked out all band members and replaced them with some fresh blood. Such a thing could go in two directions of course: or it would be a huge success for The Shins, or it would be a huge disappointment again, which could lead to the hiatus of The Shins.

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