I do not give a score anymore when writing a review, and this since a couple of years. You know, giving points is such useless reflection of utter subjectivity and it says nothing at all. What’s the difference in between 79/100 and 81/100. It’s just a difference of nearly two percent, yet mentally it makes quite a difference. And it is not because I give a score of, for example, 99/100 that you need to agree. I nowadays rather prefer to express my ideas through the canalisation of my thoughts and impressions into a review. This said…


WarHymn is a very young band from Romanian soil (more specifically: from the capital city of Bucharest), which was formed in 2019 by Alin ‘Shavy’ Savlovschi. In very early 2020, WarHymn (still a solo-project) self-released the debut Gnosis; soon after it got re-released physically via Narcoleptica Productions.


Receive, love and hate. Receive communion with me

For a description about the Polish label Depressive Black Ambient Records, drenched in anesthetic pleasure and suffocating fumes, I would like to refer to one of the former reviews that I wrote for this unique family of coronated sinners and serpent magicians.

Sacred Dominions

One of the many (solo) outfits by English gentleman Nox, here known as Shadows, is called Sacred Dominions. You might recognize this guy as well from projects like the productive duo Wolves Eyes, sadly defunct Forest Grave, Sinisterite (which also includes Molestor Kadotus and Shatraug; unfortunately put on hold), Martial Dungeon Synth act Folcriht or Dark Autumn, amongst several others.

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