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Quite recently I got in touch with George ‘Solaris Lupus’, the guy behind Aspaarn. Aspaarn is a Swiss solo-outfit that released two full length and two mini releases until now. This review will deal with the debut, because, dixit the soul behind it, ‘it is the genesis of the project and by far the most instinctive and spontaneous’. That’s a good reason for focusing on that first recording.


Weisshorn is the solo-outfit of Swiss guy K.M., named after the so-called mountain (I think). Apparently this project was originally called Winkelried, but somewhere in 2012 the current moniker was chosen. The sole recording / release until now is this one, Au-Delà Du Soleil Invaincu, a four-tracker (sixteen minutes of length), released under the protective and highly interesting (Aryan-Helvetic) wings of Asgard Hass.


Totenheer are a band from Lucerne, Switzerland, formed as a quartet in early 2010. The band’s moniker means something like ‘army of the dead’ in the Alemannic language (Swiss-Germanic). In autumn 2011, the band entered the Helvede Studio with Stefan Walker in order to record their debut full length, Wüetisheer (‘wild army’ or ‘wild hunt’), but it took another year to have the material mixed and mastered. This was done by nobody else but Gurd / Pulver-frontman V.O.


One year after the excellent Vintras-album (released through Hass Weg Productions), the sweet quartet of DUX release a gatefold 7”EP via Asgard Hass (hey, they have something with ‘hass’… And yes, their aural creations too breathe the magnificence of total hatred!

The artwork is fabulous, though the front cover drawing is little suggestive and not meant for the eyes of your children, nor your grandmother. But the pure essence reminds me to what we got twenty years ago – no compromises!


There are a couple of French bands called Myrkvid, but this review deals with a release by the one from the city of Besancon, department of Franche-Comté, close to the Swiss border.

This band was formed in 2007, and in 2010 they released the mini-album Satanic Inquisition. And for your information: current label Asgard Hass Productions did re-release this material last year on vinyl, with inclusion of some live bonus tracks.


I had not heard of this band before, but Goat 10.10.10 seems to be this Swiss act’s debut (no idea how you need to pronounce the band’s moniker anyway). But in any case Thergüu do impress me a lot with this first recording, which has a total running time of half an hour (the three tracks, From, Within, and Above, last for respectively 8:29, 9:51 and 11:06 minutes). And despite these English song titles, the lyrics are in French, for your (mostly important) information…


Asgard Hass Productions from Switzerland are one of those labels that do understand the essential importance of the musical underground. This fact gets translated by the release of some highly interesting recordings. There is no need to search for the most original, renewing approach, but rather they focus on the purity and excellence of our beloved sonic expressions. Respect!

A great example of this label’s supremacy is this newest release, the From Mute Remains-EP, the first official material after the 2011-demo Serpens Antiquu

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