Burn Ward Records


Efferat are a young act from the East of the States (Ohio and Philadelphia), consisting of the brothers David and Nick Brake (they took care of mix and mastering too for this release), and drummer Chris Drossis. Together with some other session musicians, they recorded this strange material in order to have it released on CD in early spring 2015. Burn Ward Records now bring out this stuff on cassette, though being extremely limited, i.e.


Recently I got in touch with Jordan Fillmore, a guy from Moncton, Canada, who owns Burn Ward Records, a Noise / Industrial / Ambient label with tape-pressings especially. But the guy is active in some projects too, such as Manzbow or Skeletal, the latter being a solo-outfit by this human being.


Recently I came across Canada-based label Burn Ward Records, a Noise / Ambient / Electro / Industrial label that releases its material on cassette edition only.

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