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Bob Wayne

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest of the US (Seattle, to be precise), Bob Wayne hit the road as a youngster selling t-shirts for Zeke, and having tasted of life on tour he next became guitar tech for Hank III. Touring with that band he became more and more infatuated with Country Music, and when one day the band arrived in Nashville...which still passes for the World's Capitol of Country Music, he decided to take some roots there.


Target Earth is the sixteenth album and the thirteenth studio albumby the Canadian Heavy Metal band Voivod, which was released on January 22, 2013. This is the first Voivod studio album to feature Daniel Mongrain on guitar (replacing the late Denis D'Amour and the first since 1991's Angel Rat with Jean-Yves Thériault on bass. (wikipedia)

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