Cold Raw Records


I have always had a ‘boontje’, like they say in Flanders, for stuff on Cold Raw’s roster. It’s just the intention of the thought behind each release that makes me (un)happy, non-depending the musical qualities. But now they do really surprise me with the release of Dank Dreiser !!! by French horde Uluun.

Sagrario Mortis

Sagrario Mortis can be considered the next step within Chamán’s history, after they sort of split up. Actually, the Spanish act Sagrario Mortis was formed somewhere in early 2014, and Murb and Nefert (in mean time, the duo recruited some permanent members) recorded this stuff pretty soon after.


Dargonomel are currently a two-piece from Russia (original members Shaks on guitars, and bass player / vocalist Var), formed in 2006 under the moniker of Subterra de Mort. After the release of the Ultimatum-album, the band ceased its activities in 2010, but they reformed in 2011, first as Sakkath, and very soon after under the name of Dargonomel.


I hadn’t heard of the Malaysian horde Blasphmachine before, but apparently this trio is pretty known in their home country and Singapore. With Exhumation, Savage Deity and Shambles, they released a live-split taken from a tour in both countries. Anyway, Blasphmachine did write and record a handful of tracks in their two-three years of existence, and two of them have now been compiled under the working title Oath.


Doomsday Juggernaut was the first official release by Catalonian act Edenkaiser, originally self-released on February 7th 2014. I wrote a review back then, which was uploaded on May 8th 2014. But apparently this material has been re-issued on both CD and tape. Since Cold Raw Records did offer us their edition, I will re-consider my initial thoughts, which weren’t that positive (yet with a modest optimism).


Malamorte are a completely new project with members of e.g. Lord Vampyr and Cain. It was formed by vocalist / guitarist Alessandro ‘Lord Vampyr’ Nunziati (also currently or formerly active in e.g.

Nocturnal Sacrifice

I was aware of an act called Nocturnal Sacrifice, because of their Evil Invasion-EP (from 2010). But apparently there is a Mexican band too with that moniker (the one I knew hails from Peru), formed in 2009. They have one recording on their discography, Igne In Tenebris, which they did release independently in October 2013. Because of the quality of that material, Cold Raw Records, being one of the most interesting young labels lately, decided to have this stuff re-released, about one year after the initial self-release.


One of the new releases we could receive from Cold Raw Records, a young but enormously interesting label from the U.K., is Dasap’s Don’t Worry, It Will Be Worse… Dasap are a French act with its roots in the early nineties. Back then Julien ‘Dju’ Divert started his solo-outfit Tenebricosus, with one self-released demo-tape (Eth Niger Solt) on its discography. Then the moniker changed to Element for a couple of months, and then to The Element.


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